Lucky Jet game from 1WIN with money betting

Lucky Jet — is a game from online casino 1WIN in the genre of «Crash». One of the leading money gambling games in this segment.

lucky jet 1win

Crash — in games of this genre, you need to follow the character of the game, which flies upwards, increasing your win rate and can at any moment fly away.

Start playing Lucky Jet — register to enter

To start the game, you first need to register. Going to the official website of 1WIN, you will be immediately offered to register. Go to the registration window. Make up a login, password, and then confirm your account via social networks, e-mail or cell phone.

1win registration

Bonuses to new players upon registration

Before entering the game and making your first deposit, it is recommended to take advantage of the welcome bonus. After registration, you will receive a promo code that will add up to 500% to your 1WIN deposit. Enter it in the registration window or in the deposit window.

Play online or browser

Before you start the game, you can choose how you want to play. There are 2 ways to play, in a browser window or an app. To speed up the game processes and more comfortable interface on mobile devices and tablets, it is recommended to download Lucky Jet app smartphone.

Login with account verification

After registration, you can enter any game where a trial mode of play is available, such as Lucky Jet. But to play for real money, you need to go through verification.


To verify your 1WIN account, you need to go to the appropriate tab and fill in the data. The system will ask you for your card and passport details.

IMPORTANT! Remember that your data is completely safe, 1WIN security system adheres to the rules of the gambling license and all personal data of users can not be exposed to disclosure.

In case of disputable situations, you can be contacted by the support service, but in normal cases, this procedure takes no more than 1-2 hours.

Login to Lucky Jet 1WIN

If you have already registered and verified, you need to select the «Login» tab on the official 1WIN website. Enter your account details:

  • login
  • password

Now all slots, bets and machines are available to you.

How to play Lucky Jet on the 1WIN website

The rules of the game are man rocket, after a small load will take off and will increase the coefficient of your bet. Before he flies away, you need to press the «Withdraw» button, and you will get money in the amount of your bet multiplied by the coefficient «X» under the character, on the main screen.

gameplay lucky jet

Game interface


  • Button «Bet» — is responsible for betting in the game, choose the amount of the bet press it to enter the current round of the game.
  • Button «Withdraw» — after the bet is made, the button «Bet» will be changed to the button «Withdraw», click on it to withdraw your winnings multiplied by the current coefficient «X».

Automatic Bet and Automatic Withdrawal window:

  • Automatic bet is a function where you do not need to make a bet yourself, specify the amount of your bet, it will be repeated at the beginning of each round.
  • Automatic Withdrawal — specify a certain coefficient «X» at which the winnings will be saved automatically.

Lucky Jet statistics and game chat for strategy

round history

In addition to the main buttons of the game interface, additional functionality is presented:

  • game statistics
  • live chat

To the left are the players from the current round and their bets, as well as a tab «top» with the best winning rounds of players for today. Above the main screen, your stats for the last 40 rounds of the game are displayed. You can analyze your Lucky Jet bets and create your own game plan.

Live chat with players

The chat in the game is quite functional. On the right side of the screen you can chat with other players, learning their secrets about the game or simply share your money bets and your victory in Lucky Jet. You can also discuss 1WIN betting strategies to win with other players.

This is how a seemingly standard game interface, can increase your income and improve the quality of your bets. And in order not to lose money, you can test all the acquired skills in a fun mode.

Fun demo mode

For most 1WIN games, there is a Demo mode, so that the player can test his skills and see the gameplay. Lucky Jet also has a trial version. Playing in fun mode, you can not win real money, but you will not lose anything in case of unsuccessful bet, because you play for virtual money, which will be on your virtual wallet.

Lucky Jet is reliable to play in India — Legal bookmaker 1WIN

india flag

For any casino player, the reliability and honesty of the bookmaker comes first. To protect players 1WIN has a system of rounds protection, in Lucky Jet each round is encrypted with hash keys (Data is turned into a 40 symbol key), which allows to avoid hacking. A player cannot hack the system with a hack or software for Lucky Jet, and 1WIN cannot influence the result of a round. This makes the game 100% fair. For this safety of the game, the Provably Fair program is responsible.

Beware of Lucky Jet signals and predictions — it’s a scam!

To avoid being cheated, only use the official website and the working application of the game from the developer. There are two schemes to cheat players at Lucky Jet on the web. The first offers «Signals in Telegram», but as we know the system «Provably Fair» is not susceptible to hacking, so all those who offer this kind of services, scammer. The second option to cheat players is «Predictions». As in the first case, hacking the game is not possible, so never use these schemes to play. Your account can be stolen as well as your money.

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